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Privacy Policy

Date updated: 6/2/2022

Privacy Policy ​


  1. Welcome to the privacy policy of the website (the “Website”) of the Azrieli Group Ltd. (the “Company”, “we”, “us, “our”). This privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) is part of the Website’s Terms of Use, and therefore the Privacy Policy must be read together with the Terms of Use. Unless the context requires otherwise, terms defined in the Terms of Use and not defined otherwise in the Privacy Policy shall also apply to this Privacy Policy.
  2. The Company takes user privacy seriously, and therefore invests significant resources to protect such privacy.
  3. The Privacy Policy contains information about how we collect information about you when you use the Website and the services included therein (the “Services”) and in every interaction which takes place between you and the Company in connection thereof. In order to assist the Company in protecting your privacy, please read the following section and learn about the Company’s privacy policy.
  4. By using the Website and Services, you express your consent for the Company to use the information about you as specified in the Privacy Policy.
  5. The Company may change the provision of the Privacy Policy from time to time. If any changes are made to the Privacy Policy, the date that the Privacy Policy is updated will appear at the top of this page, therefore the Privacy Policy must be reviewed prior to each use of the Website. If you do not agree to any change in the Privacy Policy, you must immediately stop using the Website and Services. Unless stated otherwise, any change in the Privacy Policy will take effect immediately upon its posting on the Website as part of the Privacy Policy. 
  6. The Privacy Policy is written in the male language for convenience purposes only, but refers equally to men and women. Any use of the singular in the Privacy Policy includes the plural, and vice versa.

Personal information

  1. The following information about you will be collected during your use of the Website: 
    1. Data about your browsing media – When you use the Website, the Company (and/or anyone on its behalf) collects and stores information received from you and from your activity on the Website, including your IP address, your device ID, the type of browser you use, etc.
    2. Data about your use of the Website – Your use of the Website will be documented by our systems, including the Website pages you view, the times and dates you view the Website pages, your interaction with the Website pages, and more.
    3. Data you provide to us as part of the Website – When using the Website, you might input and provide us with personal information about you, including your full name and contact information, in order to receive updates from us on certain subjects and/or for us to schedule an appointment with you.
    4. Contact details – Every time you contact us, we will collect the contact details through which contact was made as well as the content of the messages you send to us. In addition, if you contact us by phone, your conversation with our representative may be recorded or documented in another way.
  2. It is clarified that you are under no legal obligation to provide any details to the Company, and the provision thereof is dependent on your will and consent. However, if you do not provide such details, the Company might be unable to provide you with the service requested by you.
  3. Inexact information provided by you will impact the Company’s ability to provide you with Services and to contact you, as defined in the Privacy Policy. 

Use of information

  1. We will use information about you in order to:
    1. Allow you to use the Website and Services;
    2. Operate the Website and improve the user experience on the Website;
    3. Carry out activities that support the provision of the Services, such as strategic decision-making, business development, financial management, etc.;
    4. Contact you with offers, including marketing and commercial offers, subject to the provisions of the law;
    5. Tailor the offers which will be sent to you in accordance with your needs, areas of interest, and preferences;
    6. Comply with a legal obligation or judicial order which applies to the Company;
    7. Improve the Services and your user experience, and to create new services;
    8. Protect our rights, interests and assets, and those of any third party.

Provision of information to third parties

  1. The confidentiality of your information is very important to us, and we will not trade or sell information about you to third parties.
  2. We may share the information about you with the following bodies and for the following purposes only:
    1. Third parties which provide the Company with services in connection with the Website and Services (whether services intended to support the Website, such as computing and data processing, data storage services, analytical services, etc.; or whether services intended to support the Company’s business operations, such as legal advisors, accountants, business development, marketing, advertising, and more);
    2. Companies which are part of the Azrieli Group for the purpose of their business operations;
    3. If the Company receives a court order ordering it to deliver personal information and/or other information to any third party;
    4. In any legal proceeding, demand, claim, argument or dispute, if any, between you and anyone from the Company and/or on its behalf;
    5. For the purpose of maintaining and protecting the rights, assets and property of the Company or third parties;
    6. With your consent or at your instruction;
    7. In any event in which the Company sells, assigns or transfers part of its business or all of its business and/or assets to a third party, purchases or merges with a third party, or enters into a bankruptcy or insolvency proceeding.
  3. In addition to the above factors, aggregate and non-identifying information about you may be transferred to other third parties. However, prior to doing so, we will ensure that all of the information which will be transferred to such third parties will not be identifiable with the people who are the subject of the information.
  4. Any use of information by third parties is the sole responsibility of such third parties and the Company shall not bear any responsibility for such use.


  1. Subject to the provisions of the law, the Company or anyone on its behalf may contact you, including through e-mail, SMS, or any other means, and may send advertisements to encourage you to purchase a product or service or to spend money in some other manner, as well as any other advertisements.
  2. At any time, you can revoke your consent and/or stop receiving such advertisements by clicking on the “remove” button in the notice sent to you, or by contacting the Company by: (1) sending an e-mail to a designated address: [email protected]; or (2) sending a request in writing to: Azrieli Center 1 Tel Aviv 67021. Once you have done so, we will stop sending you advertisements in accordance with the aforesaid


  1. “Cookies” are files located on the hard drive of your personal computer which make it possible to collect information about your internet preferences and usage habits, such as preferential websites, areas of interest, etc. The Company may use “cookies” to enable it to tailor the Website and contents contained therein to users’ preferences and to improve the user experience on the Website.
  2. If you are not interested in information being collected by the Company through “cookies”, you can change the settings in your browser, delete the existing “cookies”, prevent the creation of “cookies” or create an option whereby upon the discovery of each “cookie” you will be given the option of agreeing or refusing to create such file. Your choice to not accept “cookies” and/or to cancel the acceptance of “cookies” will decrease your ability to enjoy all of the interactive features and/or Services on the Website.

Information security

  1. The Company takes the security of your personal data seriously. Accordingly, we take the appropriate security measures to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of the information collected about you.
  2. However, please note that using the Internet entails many risks, including the fact that data transmission over the Internet is not completely secure.
  3. In addition, please note that using a computer without an active and updated anti-virus software or without an updated operating system exposes you to viruses and/or spyware which may record or disrupt your activities on the computer. You bear sole responsibility to install and regularly update an antivirus tool to prevent viruses from infecting the computer you use for the Website.


  1. Beware of fake e-mail messages – Fake e-mail messages are messages which appear to have been sent on our behalf and which ask the recipient to enter the Website through a link provided in the message, and to then provide or update his personal details, while specifying the reasons why the update is required: security reasons, upgrading systems, etc. The link in the message may be an exact imitation of the Company’s official Website from which the letter appears to have been sent. The aforesaid is an illegal way in which others may attempt to obtain your personal data in order to access your accounts. 

Transfer of information outside of the jurisdiction of the State of Israel 

  1. The Company may transfer the information about you outside of the jurisdiction of Israel and/or the European Union, among other things, in order to store it in the cloud. The information security and privacy protection laws in the jurisdiction to which the personal information is transferred may not be as comprehensive as the laws in Israel and the European Union, in which case the Company will take steps to ensure a similar level of protection for your personal information. By using the Website, you agree to the said transfer.


Links to other websites

  1. The Website may include links to other sites on the internet (the “Links”) which are not operated by the Company (the “Other Sites”) and which apply a different privacy policy. Although we strive to link to reliable and trustworthy sites only, we are not responsible for the privacy policies or the systems and procedures for securing and protecting the information incorporated into Other Sites, and we are also not responsible for information which is collected by Other Sites and/or third parties which are not subject to this Privacy Policy, and bears no responsibility and/or obligation in connection with policies (including privacy policies), work practices, acts or omissions of Other Sites and/or third parties as aforesaid. We recommend reviewing the terms of use and privacy policies of such websites.

Right to review; Right to correct

  1. You are entitled to review, by yourself or through another person who has been authorized by you in writing or by a guardian, the information about you which is held in the Company’s database.
  2. If you have reviewed the information about you and found it not to be correct, complete, clear, or up to date, you are entitled to contact the Company with a request to correct or delete the information.


  1. The Company bears no responsibility for damage which is caused or may be caused to you or to third parties as a result of the use of the Website and/or the Services and/or the information which was provided and collected during the course of use and/or from the inability to use the Website and/or Services and/or damage caused from events beyond its direct control. The Company cannot guarantee that there will be no performance errors in securing the privacy of the personal information about you. Furthermore, the Company bears no responsibility for any direct or indirect event or damage in connection with the use and/or delivery of the personal information which includes, among other things, the exposure of personal details due to mistakes, unauthorized access by third parties and any other reason beyond its reasonable control. The use of the Website and the Services is at your sole responsibility, and you agree that you will have no demand and/or claim and/or argument against the Company and/or anyone on its behalf in connection with the use thereof. 

Contact Us

  1. For any questions with respect to this Privacy Policy, please contact us at:

Azrieli Group Ltd.

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